Art Cantu Jr. has a broad range of photoraphy. He has found that shooting various styles bring a lot of versatility to his potfolio. With that said, he is willing to try anything at least once. He's a photographer that is willing to push it to the limits, within the boundries of the law.

His love for photography came to him while he was in the Marine Corps at Quantico, VA. It wasn't until he moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area that his passion consumed him. With places like the Stock Yards and Deep Ellum, it's a playground for any photographer. So, naturally, his work enhanced and improved to higher levels.

Art is also the Staff Photographer for an up and coming sports site called YDCFF (www.yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com). He was with SportDFW for almost 2 years now and recently took his talents to the new website, YDCFF. He covers SMU Football, UNT Football, UNT Basketball, FC Dallas, Dallas Sidekicks, Indy Car races, NASCAR, and any International Soccer Games.

His biggest challenge is to bring happiness to strangers through his work. He wants you to see his photos and feel as if you were there. Enjoy the site and contact him for prices.

Contact: 972-510-3525 / expressiveartphoto@gmail.com


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